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Industrial Range 


        membrane nitrogen generator industrial range nitrosource line                                 generador nitrogeno membrana gama industrial serie nitrosource ampliado
         NitroSource                                   NitroSource expanded


  • Limitless nitrogen supply from compressed air.
  • Nitrogen purity to 99.999%.
  • Can be supplied from the general compressed air network.
  • Capacity up to 5000 Nm³/hr.
  • Compressed air pre-treatment included.
  • Minimum maintenance.
  • Digital control module.
  • Modular design.

Main Unit

  • Sturdy industrial design.
  • Compact and modular.
  • High-quality Pre-filtration.
  • Control and register from main unit.


  • Nitrogen modules.
  • Individual filtration.
  • Easily couples to existing units.

Digital Control

  • Data register.
  • Status information.
  • System parameters information.
  • Maintenance indicator.
  • Data download.
  • Detailed alarm functions.
  • Remote control optional.

Easily Expanded

  • Modular construction.
  • Easy connection.
  • Up to 5 sub units.


  • Easily accessed.
  • Maintenance instructions.
  • Filter change only.


Minimum nitrogen production capacity.
Capacity [Nm3/h] under nominal conditions: environment temperature 20˚C, environment pressure 1013 mbar (a), inlet pressure for the NitroSource 7bar(g).

membrane nitrogen generator nitrosource line specifications

To calculate the NitroSource capacity at different feed pressures other than nominal, you must multiply the nominal capacity by the pressure correction factor at the NitroSource inlet.

nitrogen generator nitrosource line pressure specifications

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