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Tyre filling

A tyre is a membrane

Compressed air – the traditional method for filling tyres – is made up of oxygen (21%) and nitrogen (78%). Tyre rubber acts like a membrane, where oxygen passes through three times faster than nitrogen. As a result, oxygen slowly escapes through the rubber walls, causing the tyre to go down.

This means that tyres wear out faster, reducing safety and driving comfort as well as increasing fuel consumption. Additionally, compressed air contains high levels of humidity, which speeds up wheel rim corrosion and deteriorates pressure sensors.

Nitrogen in tyres

Nitrogen is used in tyres to stop air escaping through the tyre walls. The reason nitrogen is used is because it is easy to produce, is non-flammable, is odourless and makes up the majority of the atmosphere.

The difference between internal tyre pressure and external pressure causes oxygen to penetrate through the tyre wall, if we can create the same concentration inside and outside the tyre (the same partial pressure) then oxygen is not forced to penetrate through the tyre wall.

Using nitrogen in tyres keeps the pressure correct, reducing all problems associated to low pressure in tyres.


Advantages of using nitrogen in tyres

  • Greater tyre pressure stability.
  • Better grip and manoeuvrability.
  • Reduction in fuel consumption. (Reduction in CO2 emissions).
  • Longer tyre life, thanks to optimum pressure and less rusting.
  • Greater safety due to better pressure stability, lower temperatures, better grip and manoeuvrability.
  • The ultra dry feature prevents tyre and wheel rim rusting.

wide range of equipment to cover all needs

The module range for tyre filling cover small capacities for cars to larger nitrogen consumption for Lorries. As well as the TSGunmodel, TyreSaver and TruckTyreSaver standard filling units, NITROMATIC can provide OEM solutions for filling/inflating use.

nitrogen tyre filling with nitrogen generator membrane tyresaver   nitrogen tyre filling with nitrogen generator membrane gunmodel   nitrogen tyre filling with nitrogen generator membrane trucktyresaver
        TyreSaver Line                           GunModel Line                                       TruckTyreSaver Line  

Tyre Filling

Tyres filled with nitrogen
guarantee better driving safety,
increase working life and respect
the environment.

Membrane vs. PSA

Discover and compare which technology, membrane or PSA, best adapts to your needs:

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